Last week we started a project "your fashion month." So, you have had seven pictures so far. Now, look at you! What do you see?

Yes, I hear you. I see you shook your head. Why?

Not satisfied with what you see?

That is because you have looked in the wrong place!

All you saw was imperfect, but you know it, no one is perfect.

We know from history that the most beautiful women are not necessarily the prettiest, but yes, they are the most interesting. Going back to ancient Egyptians, we can choose as an example Queen Nefertiti who was a powerful and extraordinarily intelligent person. Her name in translation means "The Beautiful Woman Has Come," but in fact, she wasn't a classic beauty in Egyptian standards at that time. Actually, she had had an egg-shaped head, but because she was who she was, how she looked, became a standard of beauty, not the other way around.

If we talk about Cleopatra, and as Plutarch (Antony 27.2) comments that Cleopatra was not overly beautiful, but that the charm of her presence was irresistible and this, combined with her peculiar force of character, made everyone associated with her fall under her spell.

But still, she wasn't the most beautiful woman!

The truth is with other women in history, like Helen of Troy, biblical Bathsheba, Salome, Lucrezia Borgia, Catherine the Great, Marie Antoinette, or closer to our time: Marilyn Monroe, Marlena Dietrich, Madonna, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie or Lady Gaga, they all are or were exciting, interesting, unusual, but not classical beauties. And by the way, who remembers last Miss Universe?


Redirect your attention!


You are unique, and you do have it! All you need is to find it, or perhaps you already know, but you have the habit of being focused on what you do not have.


Talk to a friend you can trust -best if it is a member of the opposite sex and ask them to point out three beautiful things about you and three things upon which you can improve.


You might have gorgeous hair, a charming smile, and great shape of your calves, but maybe your teeth are little stained from drinking coffee, and perhaps your breasts just started pointing towards the floor, and you are getting "bingo arms."

The good news is, we can fix it!


It doesn't have to hurt!


"I don't care if it hurts,

I want to have control,

I want a perfect body,

I want a perfect soul,

I want you to notice,

When I'm not around,

You're so fucking special,

I wish I was special."

Creep – Radiohead


The point is you can keep the focus on what you do not like in yourself and go through painful, unpleasant, and expensive changes. Sometimes a little adjustment in daily routine or eating habits can make a huge difference, and you really do not need costly and painful procedures. Maybe all you need is a proper bra!


Now, start to play with your qualities, think what you could do to show more often show your charms, and really be aware of them.


If you have any questions just shoot me an email:)


To be continued

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