Nothing but me!

You are perfect! Love yourself as you are! Doesn’t that sound great? So why do you have this funky feeling that something is not okay? That you shouldn't think that way; that it is selfish, and can you sense this feeling out of guilt and embarrassment, and that it is not about you? The schizophrenia of the culture we are living in confuses us greatly. Mixed messages are storming on us, from everywhere. You are perfect, but you need to do this or that, you are beautiful, but you need to lose weight, money is evil, but you need to earn a lot of money to gain the respect that should come from wisdom, you are a victim of epidemy, but you are guilty that you got sick. G! that's enough! You do have all you need. Just accept yourself! So, if I do have everything and I'm perfect, why I need to change?

Yes, you do have everything, but out of tune! Every day you push yourself to do something, or you stop yourself doing other things. We are improving and improving, and we feel almost the same. We give up on diets, we give up on classes, we give up on people, and we give up on ourselves! You ask why? Because what we do to improve is out of tune as well and comes from hate, not love! "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." — Matthew 22:35-40 But how to love your neighbor if you do not love yourself? Or let’s put it this way: maybe if I love my neighbor, I will love myself? But it doesn’t work like that. We help others, we love neighbors, we take care of cars and houses, we treat our favorite shoes with respect, we buy the best food for our animals. We take care of everything and now-one take care of us. Get used to it. Do not complain - it is no one else’s duty, honor, and pleasure but yours!

Remember, nothing but you! However, do not confuse things!

“You can't always get what you want But if you try sometime s, well you might find You get what you need” – Rolling Stones When something doesn't work or is not as we want, we get angry, and we rush to fix or change. More often than not, we do have the same attitude towards ourselves. We experience the error and uncertainty, and we want to fix it right away "Knowing me, knowing you (a-ha) There is nothing we can do." – ABBA First, to improve or to fix, we have to know what doesn't work, and it takes a skillful one to detect the cause of the error. So self-realization before self-improvement!

"When a student is ready, the master will come." - I have no idea who said this, but I like it. You really do have everything, and you can be your own student and master at the same time. You can find for yourself what is right for you and your truth. No-one can teach you if you are not ready or you do not want to learn. But if you are persistent you will find it. "One way or another, I'm gonna find ya I'm gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya" - Blondie Now you think how the hell is this comprehensive to style and fashion? If you know who you are and love yourself, you are confident. And whatever you wear will look great on you, because it is you who wear your outfit, not the other way around! Never stop; you are changing every day!

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