What fires together, wires together!

Have you ever been to a concert where people were singing together and being emotional, and you felt connected to strangers like they are your brothers and sisters? Or maybe you attended some religious ceremony or march, and after high emotion and those shared moments of excitement, you felt like you are one with those fellow participants? What about brothers in arms or plane crash survivors? Aren't they random people thrown to fire? It is true. Isn't it? The same happens in your brain when you are going through "high voltage" emotions, pleasant and unpleasant, or just your daily activities and routines. How many times you heard "I like having sweet with my morning coffee," or "I eat popcorn only when I watch movies; otherwise, popcorn doesn't taste that good. " Our routines are based on thought associations, and it is good to know that the more often you repeat/think a thought (specific neurons fire), the stronger it grows (becomes hard-wired) in your brain. It is not a trick; it is neurophysiology. When you are off your schedule, your brain is begging you for a daily dosage of routine to feel that everything is ok, familiar, and under control. When you are single again, you may be suddenly out of your "fires," and it doesn't matter if they were positive or negative. Your brain likes repetitions and patterns, so now is craving even those bad routines and can drive you nuts. "I'm learning to fly. But I ain't got wings. Coming down Is the hardest thing." "Learning To Fly" Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. I remembered years ago, my yoga teacher, during the most challenging postures, used to say: "Keep smiling, your brain will think that you like it! " And as scientists have proven, this is a correlation between the sad face and feeling sad and smiling face and feeling happy. So if you want to learn to "fly," you better put on your best smile. You know you will probably come down hard, not just once. Tell your brain, "I love it" because what fires together, wires together! Frankly speaking, your brain is not as smart as you think. It is more like a loyal dog who will believe in anything you say and "swallow." anything you give to. For example, when you feel like crap, and all you want is to go back to bed and complain about your life, do the opposite. Take a shower, dress up, put makeup, go to the mirror and say, "Hello gorgeous, we are having an excellent day today. "It is not an affirmation or wishful thinking. It understands your brain's function so that you can harness the best management of it. Once your brain hears that you are ok, it is not in panic mode any more. And you are just fine. It is wired to fire! Try it.


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