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We all have our favorite colors, and we use colors, even if we are not aware of their meaning. Sometimes it feels just right to wear red or white. We are also surrounded by colors, and some of them make us happy and some make us puke. So, what, exactly, is color?


If there is no light, there is no color.


You do not see color in darkness because when there is no light there is no color.

Color is associated with objects through the wavelengths of the light reflected from them and their intensities. This reflection is governed by the object's physical properties such as light absorption, emission spectra, etc.

Make it simple: color is a vibration and every color operates on some frequency.


Let’s play colors!


Because some colors belong to objects like; blood is red, water is blue, grass is green and dirt is brown, we tend to unconsciously give the meaning of the associated color to the object. We use this color to distinguish and signify the object - so that, for instance when you see blue you think of water, sky, cool, pure or clean. To complicate matters further, cultures, nations and religions have their own meanings for colors. For Christians red symbolizes hell and devil, or Christmas. But for Chinese people it is the color traditionally worn on Chinese New Year to bring luck and prosperity. In our western culture red can mean STOP, power, anger, desire, love or fire. Red also stands for, like, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia that killed about 25% of their population in just five years or Russian “red” revolutionists who have disappeared millions of people.

With the era of cyber culture there are fewer and fewer differences in meanings of colors between cultures and countries. Still, associations with meanings of color have been a part of many societies for centuries and it is a good thing to be aware of both the positive and the negative implications of using particular colors.


Psychology of color red.


The psychology of color varies with each and every one of us . And on top of cultural meaning we all have our personal meanings for color based on our unique experience. The color red is one of the basic colors, and it is one that immediately draws our attention. According, to studies athletes wearing a red team uniform in combat sports had a bigger chance of winning than those who wore a blue one.

Wearing red makes us feel more aggressive and more powerful, boosting testosterone, but it also changes the perception others have.

Red is associated with love and passion and by wearing red we are seen by others and our self as more attractive. For example, waitresses in red usually get higher tips than those wearing a differently colored uniform.

But just as we draw attention to ourselves, we can attract aggression. Wearing red, we could be like “a red rag to a bull”.


Wear it anyhow!


And, get this: it doesn’t matter if the red is visible or not, it still vibrates!

When I feel down or with no energy, I wear red. When I feel like I want to feel powerful courageous, I wear red, and when I want to feel sexy confident, I wear red. And if I cannot wear it on top, I wear red underwear. No matter where, red still works:)

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